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Back in 2008, a similar social networking powerhouse (Myspace) purchased a platform that was drawing great traffic from their network (Photobucket), but only pulled 300 million dollars. Granted we’ve seen how things turned out for Myspace and now Photobucket is the official photo-hosting platform of Twitter, it still is a familiar subject. The difference here is that Facebook not only gets a great team of talent, but also a mobile network that rivaled their own. Users have a love for the easy photo editing that filters bring, but also the platform, sharing, and interaction it creates.

The Instagram iOS application has held a 5-star iTunes rating (with over 450,109 reviews) and 15 million downloads, while the Android version garnered a million users registered within a 12 hour timeframe. With Facebook growth becoming pretty stagnant (some say even declining?), this is exactly the injection they needed pre-IPO.

Haters gon’ hate

Users are already abandoning their beloved accounts now that the Zuck is at the helm. I doubt he cares:


  1. Jim says:

    Joe, perhaps this is a bit naive but what’s the big draw to using Instagram vs. the Facebook photo sharing platform? Besides the filters, I don’t see what the advantage would be. Besides, the vast majority of Instagram users were already using Facebook, so what is there to gain?

  2. Well, the fact that people are always looking for “the next best thing”, especially in this generation coupled with Facebooks stagnancy, showed they need something new to offer.

    FastCo explains it really well in an animated infographic:

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