Google Currents is an amazing mobile app (iOS or Android) that turns any RSS feed into a gorgeous mobile-optimized magazine. It’s free to setup and allows for email acquisition, splash pages, and many other customization tools that turns your feed into a phenomenal mobile experience. It’s free to setup and takes only about 15-20 minutes to get everything ready.

Publisher analytics allow you to view how many subscribers follow your feed and Currents also deeply integrates with Google Analytics. As with all of your marketing efforts, analytics are essential to gauge the most effective return on your investments.

The best part about publishing content with this app is every section/article can be easily shared through your social media networks. When viewing an article, you’ll see an icon with two arrows in the bottom toolbar. Tapping this icon brings up all of the user’s social networks and the opportunity for the content to be shared. Combining this application with your current social media marketing efforts gives you the opportunity for your content to “go viral” and really drive traffic to your site.

Yesterday I took some time to set it up for my personal blog and I couldn’t be happier. It beautifully displays all of the content, provides a great URL to gain subscribers, and links to other sites open with the app’s internal browser, so users aren’t taken out of the app and away from your content. I do not have advertising on this blog, but I haven’t noticed any ads on major publication’s Currents articles (great for readers, not so much for publishers).

Google Currents already has a large publication directory, so you’ll have plenty to keep up with once you have the app.

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